Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 3/27: Spewed Invective, Bad Guys, and Wordle (2024)

We're not the good guys wearing dog masks and barking at the moment.

Barry McBride

Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 3/27: Spewed Invective, Bad Guys, and Wordle (2)

Good morning Cleveland Browns fans!

Usually before starting the Newswire, in addition to the standard dog-walking, food-eating, and mass coffee ingestion, I try to start my brain by doing the New York Times Wordle puzzle. I’m a phenomenally bad guesser and simply can’t do “Jumble” puzzles because my mind refuses to reorganize letters, so it’s usually a strain for me to get it finished. Forum mod extraordinaire 80s and sometimes other folks do the puzzle as well, and I’m generally wondering how the hell they got it faster than I did.

Well, today I couldn’t get it at all and, after looking up the answer online, all I have is invective and bad moods to direct at the New York Times for the pure evil they unleashed today. So, I’m crankier than usual this morning, and I’m usually pretty cranky already before the coffee kicks in.

I use this as an intro because I’m certain that my bad humor and spewing of unpalatable curse word combinations can’t hold a candle to what’s being happening deep in the bowels of the Berea complex this cold Cleveland Sunday.

For those of us who watched it, there were some strong moments in the press conference and some other momentswherethe team did not look good. The latter seems to be the focus of national columnists who are the attack on the Browns this morning, slashing them to pieces with negative headlines and cynical views of last Friday’s press availability.

While I’m on the topic, I’m not sure that the frequent complaint during losing seasons that the Browns' feet aren’t held to the fire by the local press can be effectively used anymore. The media was aggressive Friday. Say what you will about them, there was no lack of direct and unafraid questioning on Friday afternoon.

Anyhow, the national reaction is below along with anything I could find on a slow Saturday for actual new information. It was like everyone was burned out after Friday.


Bringing Back Anthony Walker (Andrew)

Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 3/26: Deshaun Watson Meets the Media, Skepticism, and Minefields (Barry)

Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 3/27: Spewed Invective, Bad Guys, and Wordle (3)


Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 3/27: Spewed Invective, Bad Guys, and Wordle (4)

While the locals were mostly quiet on Saturday, a lot of out-of-town writers apparently read the press conference reports and decided that excoriating the Browns was the right move. USA Today, in particular, has two paywalled stories shredding the team. I’m not going to pay a dime to read them, but you can get a sense from the title and opening paragraph of what the innards contain.

The Browns right now are a very easy and very juicy target and they may remain that way for quite a while. Browns fans need to get used to being pariahs instead of downtrodden good guys, at least for a while. It’s a role change that, after twenty years of doing this, I’m not sure I can deal with.

Quick! Someone quick come up with something quaint and charming for Browns fans to do, like jumping through card tables. Quick. Maybe we can hold a We’re the Bad Guys Now Parade.

Anyhow, I hope your mood isn’t tied to what writers in distant cities say about your team, because it’s decidedly not positive.

Dennis Young: The Browns think you’re stupid (NY Daily News)

Deshaun Watson's press conference showed that the Browns are full of it (USA Today, $$)

Lloyd: Deshaun Watson, the Browns and the fight to clear both of their names (Athletic, $$)

Jim Ingraham: Browns’ franchise quarterback is finally here but the joy is missing (Chronicle-Telegram)

Deshaun Watson can't make the 'stain' go away with move to Cleveland (USA Today, $$)

Deshaun Watson refuses to show any contrition, and the Browns are making it clear he won't have to (Yahoo)

The Browns are so comfortable with Deshaun Watson it can make you queasy (Washington Post)

Of course the Browns couldn't tell the truth, but the translation of that whole press conference was really this:
"Listen, there would never be a proven QB talent like this on the market, so we pounced on it and outbid the other teams. Yeah the PR is bad now but that will fade."

— Andrew Brandt (@AndrewBrandt) March 26, 2022


Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 3/27: Spewed Invective, Bad Guys, and Wordle (5)

For those of you wondering why Landry, for example, hasn't re-signed with the Browns, we're at the point in free agency where there's a disconnect between the value that players put on their services and what the market is willing to pay. This seems extreme in Jarvis' case.

Browns should keep Mayfield so he can start if Watson is suspended (Morning Journal)

Will Browns make a Baker Mayfield deal at league meetings? (PFT)

NFL Rumors: Jarvis Landry Seeking New Contract Worth Around $20M Annually (Bleacher Report)

"[Jarvis] Landry, we’re told, had hoped to get a contract in the range of $20 million per year. Nearly two weeks into free agency, it won’t be easy to find that kind of money."


Cleveland released him because his performance didn't warrant a a $16 million salary-cap hit.

— Brent Sobleski (@brentsobleski) March 27, 2022


Pat Leonard’s NFL Notes: League’s booming business rife with controversy as owners descend on Palm Beach (Yahoo)

Jimmy Haslam: Browns are “comfortable” Deshaun Watson “will make the right call” on pending cases (PFT)

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Cleveland Browns News and Rumors 3/27: Spewed Invective, Bad Guys, and Wordle (2024)
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