Derrick Henry or Josh Jacobs: Who's the better fantasy pick this year? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Show (2024)

Yahoo Sports fantasy analyst Matt Harmon and Yahoo Sports NFL analyst Nate Tice discuss which running back fantasy managers should choose in 2024. Hear the full conversation on the “Yahoo Fantasy Football Show” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

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How am I gonna stop myself from like drafting a ton of Derrick Henry this year?

I, I'm, I'm not going to be able to, uh, is, is the long, short answer of it.

The Packers one I think stands out and it, it sort of feels like it's great that you bring up Brian.

Good because it, it's like he sort of was able to straddle the fence here on this one and that like, yeah, they, they did give Matt Leflore this Josh Jacobs, which I had the exact same read on it that you did, which is like the Packers want to be able to be more diverse in the run game.

They want to be able to do a little bit of everything like the Rams are doing like the, like the, like the 49er are doing and Jacobs is a back that allows you to do that, especially on some of those gap scheme stuff.

That's a great point.

No, that's a great point.

Yeah, but at the same time, they still gave him a contract.

It's like, well, if he shows up looking like 2023 Josh Jacobs, like we're out of here and then, like, we also draft Marsha Lloyd and like, Leflore keeps any time there's a mic in front of him in training or like OTAs right now, he's like, committee committee.

I've always had a committee back.

So I, I think that's the one that has the potential to be the most boom bust, I guess.

Yeah, it's, it's, for me it would be the hardest to pick between as well.

Like, kind of like each week we get from fantasy purposes going like, like it's a kind of a stay away until we prove it otherwise because even Marshawn Lloyd is like, iii I kept kind of describing him as like a simple runner and I, I didn't mean that as a dis, I just meant that like he's gonna get the Ys block for him and I think he does a good job of doing that.

Like he plants his foot and goes, but it's not like where I'm like, wow by him.

Uh So it's not where it was like, well, you can't keep this guy off the field, but I think that's what they try.

They're kind of trying to do with the run game.

Hey, we got Jordan love who I just named as my fifth best quarterback on me the show, which was a little bit of a heat check.

But dude, I rewatched, I rewatched some of the, I, I watched them in real time but don't re-watch some of those games just for that, that pod and I was just like, oh, crap, I might underrate them.


But I think that's what some of the thinking was, was, let's just have our singles hitters in the run game.

We're going to get the explosives through the pass game.

So let's just stay on schedule because I think last year, especially the first half of the year, none of the running backs were healthy.

The offensive line was going through some stuff.

They were like, it was so many third and tens and third and twelves that, you know what LA forest background is, was get, you know, four yards isn't a bad thing.

Three yards isn't a bad thing because now we're second and seven as opposed to 2nd and 12.


I, ironically, like they were able to do that when Aaron Jones who they jettisoned is when he, when he was in there they were able to do that.

But of course, I think it's mostly just the health star.

Yeah, I think it's mostly just the health stuff, but because then when you have AJ Dillon back there, it's like, well, we're not, we're lucky if we get three yards, you know.

So I think that's why they have to have Marshall Lloyd in there too.

So that, that is, I'm with you that at first it blush when they signed Josh Jacobs because I was high on the offense overall and I'm, I'm high on Love I, I love Reed and, and wick, those guys are ballers and like, the other players are nice role players as well.

They got two intriguing tight ends.

I was like, ok, the feature running back on that team, like, I want that guy in fantasy, but now that they've added Lloyd, there's more time to think about it and he's going off the board as a 29th overall player in early Baba dress.

I'm like, yeah, we'll see.

I, I think I have very much like a, yeah.

II, I think I have a very, he's going ahead of Derrick Henry, which to me, like, I'm taking Derek Henry like 100 times out of 100.

Derrick Henry or Josh Jacobs: Who's the better fantasy pick this year? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Show (2024)
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