'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (2024)

ByGMA Team

October 01, 2022, 9:06 am

Tory Johnson has exclusive "GMA" Deals and Steals for $20 and under.

You can score big savings on products from brands such as TheraICE Rx, FreshCut Paper, Daniela Swaebe and more.

The deals start at just $6.50 and are up to 74% off.

Find all of Tory's Deals and Steals on her website, GMADeals.com.

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (1)

Deal details:

1. Use the links provided below on the date(s) listed to receive the savings.

2. All deals are available only while supplies last. No backorders, unless specified by the individual vendor. No rainchecks.

3. Deals cannot be combined with other coupons and offers.

4. Contact retailers for any questions about products before ordering online.

5. Shipping rates indicated are valid in the continental U.S. only.

NEED HELP? CONTACT TORY: For those who need assistance with a deal, please email Tory Johnson directly at help@gmadeals.com. Tory and her team respond to all viewer emails within an hour during business hours.

By clicking on these shopping links, visitors will leave Goodmorningamerica.com. These e-commerce sites are operated under different terms and privacy policies than Goodmorningamerica.com. ABC and Tory will receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Prices may change from date of publication.

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (2)

50% off

TheraICE Rx

TheraICE Rx: Headache Relief Caps

Find freedom from headache pain and the power to get back to what you love to do. TheraICE Rx’s Headache & Migraine Relief Caps helps inflammation, tension, sinus, stress relief and puffy eyes. This cap provides complete 360 degree coverage and provides natural relief via hot or cold therapy as needed, as the pillowy, cloud-like fabric gently cushions pressure points. Simply freeze in a Ziploc bag for two hours or more between uses. The thick gel, combined with the dark color of the mask, will help alleviate light sensitivity when experiencing a migraine or headache. Stretchable and form fitting, this cap is one size fits all. Shipping is $5.95 or free over $50.

  • $17.50

  • $35

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/01/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (3)

50% off

FreshCut Paper

FreshCut Paper: Pop-Up Wreaths & Bouquets

FreshCut Paper was created by renowned designer Peter Hewitt with a goal to bring beauty of the botanical world to a loved one in a more sustainable, everlasting, recyclable way. FreshCut Paper’s pop-up floral bouquets consist of whimsical and breathtaking blooms that are wilt-proof crafted to last a lifetime. The bouquets can be mailed with four forever postage stamps, connecting people around the globe, bringing messages of love and connection. Choose from two options: a set of three lilies and lupines, pink tulips and field of daisies or pumpkin harvest bouquet and harvest wreath. Limit one per order. Shipping is $5.95.

  • $16 - $18

  • $32 - $36

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/01/2022

Daniela Swaebe: Jewelry

Daniela Swaebe creates pieces that have a luxurious feel without the high price tag. Discover a huge assortment of this season’s hottest trends, including Daniela’s solitaire collection, which features substantial-sized stones in exciting cuts creating a high-impact look. Mix and match to create your look -- choose from posts, hoops, bracelets, necklaces, rings and more. Shipping is $4.95 or free over $40.

  • $12 - $20

  • $38 - $79

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/01/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (5)

50% off

Gabriel + Simone

Gabriel + Simone: Readers & Chains

Enjoy stylish, quality readers from Gabriel + Simone. Many readers only come in half-steps, but Gabriel + Simone offers quarter-steps in many styles. This assortment includes readers with blue light blocking lenses, which help protect eyes from the harmful blue light that comes from digital screens, and helps prevent headaches and eye fatigue. Other options include traditional readers, sun readers and chains, which help keep your glasses nearby as you take them on and off. Shipping is $5.99 or free over $25.

  • $10 - $20

  • $20 - $40

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/01/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (6)

50% to 51% off

Locker Lifestyle

Locker Lifestyle: Wrist Wallets & Neck Gaiters

Stash your essentials while working out or on-the-go with Locker Lifestyle. The unisex Wrist Wallet fits cash, keys, ID and more. This is great for going hands-free while you’re out and about. Your valuables are secured in the band with a zipper. Available in small, medium and large. The Neck Gaiter is made of premium, stretchy, breathable fabric and allows you to store your small essentials in the side pocket. The front pocket fits a filter to help protect against breathing in harmful particles or the cold. Shipping is $5.99 or free over $35.

  • $8 - $12.50

  • $16 - $26

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/01/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (7)

50% off

Pudus Lifestyle Co.

Pudus Lifestyle Co.: Socks

Pudus’ super-soft bamboo socks are not only breathable but they are sustainable and eco-friendly. The arch design allows for ventilation and support, and the extra padding on the heel and toe provides comfort and durability. The flat-seam construction ensures ultimate comfort and prevents irritation, right to the tip of your toes. Choose from no-show, ankle and quarter crew in a variety of patterns. Cushion comfort socks are also available, which have extra cushioning in the heel, toe and entire bottom. Shipping is $5.99 or free over $60.

  • $6.50 - $7.50

  • $13 - $15

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/01/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (8)

58% off

Mali + Lili

Mali + Lili: Triple Compartment Crossbody

Mali + Lili offers a fresh take on crossbody bags, all designed with luxe details, and multifunctional features to keep you organized and secure. Made with high-quality saffiano vegan leather to keep your bag free of stains, the Amber Triple Compartment Crossbody also features an adjustable strap, so you can wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag. This crossbody is accented with gold-toned hardware, and fully lined with interior card slots and divider pockets. Shipping is $3.99.

  • $20

  • $48

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/01/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (9)

35% off


Prepd: Sheet Pan Cooking Dividers

Make one-pan meals and meal prepping a breeze. Prepd cooking dividers are a convenient and organized approach to sheet pan cooking. These oven-safe, non-stick dividers help streamline your cooking, and divide your ingredients so you can cook all of your ingredients with more organization and control. This system helps to easily remove each ingredient/dish as it’s ready without overcooking. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, dishwasher and oven-safe up to 450 degrees.

  • $19.49

  • $29.99

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/02/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (10)

41% to 42% off

Lenny & Eva

Lenny & Eva: Sentimental Jewelry

Tell your story with sentimental and uplifting jewelry from Lenny & Eva. The Anchor collection, accented with an enamel and gold-plated anchor pendant, acts as a reminder that hope can carry you through the most challenging of times. The cross necklace and bracelet encourage you to trust your instincts, follow your heart, and believe in the power of faith and hope. The beautiful gemstone Butterfly bracelet emphasizes the magic of new beginnings and that there's beauty in the start of something.

  • $16 - $20

  • $28 - $34

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/02/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (11)

27% off

Seriously Shea

Seriously Shea: Aromatherapy Shower Steamers (6-Pack)

Enhance your shower experience with a spa-like aroma. These unique steamers from Seriously Shea are like a bath bomb for the shower. Vegan and cruelty-free, made with natural essential oils. Handmade in the USA and offered in unique fragrance combinations.

  • $15.99

  • $22

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/02/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (12)

50% off

Nakery Beauty

Nakery Beauty: Body Care

Intoxicate your skin with ingredients that work together to target your skin concerns with Nakery Beauty by Liz Folcea. The Skinny Dip Body Cream is infused with a proprietary Plant Stem Cell Multi-Active Regen Complex that includes two plant stem cells and five fruit extracts intended for skin regeneration and anti-aging benefits. The Body Butterwash works to hydrate while helping provide younger-looking skin, boost collagen and defend skin against free radicals

  • $14.50 - $17

  • $29 - $34

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/02/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (13)

67% off


Crayo: Fashion Watches

Add a pop of color to your wrist with fun and fashionable watches from Crayo. Each piece is designed to help you celebrate colorful moments in life. Featuring leatherette straps, non-glare, scratch-resistant mineral crystal, Japanese quartz movement and unique bold faces, there’s an option for everyone!

  • $19

  • $59

  • Valid: 10/01/2022 to 10/02/2022

'GMA' Deals & Steals $20 and under (2024)
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