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Where can I use Grammarly?

Grammarly is designed to work where you do and to keep working as you move across applications, browsers, and devices. Grammarly’s suggestions are available on all major web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari) and on desktop apps with our Grammarly for Windows and Mac product offering. To use Grammarly on mobile devices, download our Android, iOS, or iPad app. You can also write directly within the Grammarly Editor, our writing platform made for accessing and editing long-form documents across devices.

What does Grammarly offer beyond spell check and grammar check?

Great writing is more than just mistake-free writing. Grammarly helps you move beyond “good enough” by providing suggestions to make writing clearer, more engaging, or more effective. It also evaluates your writing for more nuanced editorial decisions, like tone and sentence variety. For students and researchers, Grammarly offers plagiarism detection and citation support so papers stay original and use proper citation practices throughout. For organizations, features like style guides and snippets are designed to keep teams consistent, on-brand, and efficient. Visit our Plans page for a complete list of capabilities by subscription offering.

How does Grammarly’s technology work?

Grammarly’s AI combines human expertise with advanced machine learning and natural language processing. Our linguists, research scientists, and engineers build on cutting-edge language research and anonymized user data to deliver smarter writing suggestions.

Is Grammarly secure?

All of Grammarly’s products are built with information security as a top priority. Grammarly has security features to protect you from unauthorized access. Data is encrypted to keep your information safe. And our vigilance about security is not just within the product either. We maintain a security-first culture within our organization and have the enterprise-grade certifications to prove it. You can learn more about information security in our

trust center


Can Grammarly see or use my writing?

No one at Grammarly can

read your text

at will, as we

tightly control access

to user data within the company.

You own what you write


What data does Grammarly collect?

To serve our users, Grammarly collects necessary information, such as usernames, email addresses, and contact and language preferences. Read more in our

Privacy Policy

. Any user can

request to view

all the data associated with their account. You can also find information about the small number of trusted

third-party processors

that help us provide our services.

What’s included in a paid plan?

Paid plans for individuals include access to our Premium features—such as clarity, vocabulary, tone, and consistency improvements—to make your writing polished and professional for your most important communication needs. Students and researchers will also benefit from citation support and advanced plagiarism detection. Paid plans for businesses and institutions come with team-specific features and enterprise-grade security measures for organizational success and peace of mind. Visit our Plans page to see what’s included in our Free, Premium, and Business plans.

Who can use Grammarly's generative AI features?

If you have a Grammarly account in any country, you have access to Grammarly’s generative AI assistance. Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education accounts have access to Grammarly’s generative AI features, unless turned off by your account administrator.

Where can I use Grammarly's generative AI features?

Grammarly’s generative AI assistance is available in the following product offerings and platforms: Grammarly for Windows, Grammarly for Mac, Grammarly for Chrome, Grammarly for Edge, and the Grammarly Editor. You’ll be able to use our generative writing capabilities in Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, and Medium. Grammarly’s generative AI features will become available for more applications and websites over time.

Is Grammarly's generative AI assistance available in every Grammarly plan?

Yes, all Grammarly plans include access to Grammarly's generative AI capabilities through a monthly allowance of prompts. To learn more and see a complete plan comparison,

visit our Plans page.

How does Grammarly use my data?

Grammarly’s enterprise-grade attestations and certifications and user-first approach to security and privacy reflect our practices and policies to keep customers’ data safe and secure.

Grammarly’s product offerings access text only when you have the product activated. Grammarly never sells customer data and never provides information to third parties to help them advertise their products to you. Rather, Grammarly makes money when people subscribe to our paid offerings.

Any information used to power Grammarly’s generative AI features, such as prompt type, prompt text, and the context in which it’s used, will be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of providing you with the Grammarly experience. We do not allow any partners or third parties to use your data for training their models or improving their products.

In addition, Grammarly takes extreme care to isolate each customer’s data. Any writing that an individual or organization reviews with Grammarly will never appear in another customer’s writing suggestions.

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Our Features | Grammarly (2024)
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