QuikTrip Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for half a year, you’re likely aware of skyrocketing gas prices, especially at the start of the year. Gas prices have repeatedly broken record highs, which caused an unprecedented amount of pain at the pump. Fast forward to today, gas prices have finally come down for about 70 or more days. According to AAA gas prices, the national average of gas prices is now $3.857 per gallon – a far cry from almost $6 per gallon during the price surge.

Having said that, we here at CoPilot like to be updated with today’s gas prices from various states and fuel brands across the nation. For today’s highlight, we’ll look at QuikTrip Gas Prices.

Are QuikTrip’s fuel prices competitive compared to other brands? Does the company offer good quality gas? Are there ways to save when pumping your vehicle at a QuikTrip gas station? We have the answers below and more.

How Much Does QuickTrip Gas Cost?

QuickTrip or QT is a convenience store chain based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and primarily serves the Midwestern, Southern, and Southeastern United States and Arizona. QuikTrip has 949 locations across 16 states and 267 cities. With 230 locations, Texas has the most QuikTrip stores, followed by Georgia and Missouri, with 151 and 134 sites, respectively.

On a related note, many people confuse QuickTrip and Kwik Trip gas stations, but they’re not the same company. KwikTrip goes by a different name, Kwik Star, in states where QuickTrip operates.

For today’s QuickTrip gas prices analysis, we’ll look at several national stores and compare them with competing fuel brands. As per usual, we’ll use GasBuddy for reference.


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Comparing QuickTrip Gas Prices

UPDATE (7/28/2023): Gas prices continue their upward trajectory over the last few weeks. According to AAA, the national per-gallon average for fuel is $3.732 and it’s on track to increase in the following months.

In QuickTrip’s headquarter state, Tulsa, OK, the company offers per-gallon pricing of $3.43 for regular and $3.63 for premium. For Tulsa, QuickTrip’s gas prices are hardly competitive as it failed to break into the top ten lowest prices in the area. The lowest gas price comes from Sam’s Club at $3.15 per gallon; next is Costco at $3.19 per gallon. QuickTrip didn’t get into the top ten cheapest gas prices for the whole state of Oklahoma.

For Tucson, AZ, QuickTrip’s gas price is $3.28 per gallon for regular fuel and $3.78 for premium. This location boasts the lowest gas price in Tucson and is tied with brands like Costco and Walmart at $3.28 per gallon. When you consider the whole state of Arizona, the same $3.28 per gallon price of QuickTrip remains the cheapest, which is quite impressive.

Heading to Kansas City, MO, QuickTrip offers a per-gallon price of $3.14 for regular and $4.09 for premium. Once again, QuickTrip has the lowest per-gallon price in Kansas City and is tied with Costco and Sam’s Club at $3.14. The rest of the top ten is populated by brands like BP, Conoco, Sinclair, and Casey’s. For the state of Missouri, QuickTrip may not be the lowest priced, but it did break into the top ten at $3.07 per gallon. The lowest price in the state is from MFA Oil at $2.59 per gallon.

Last but not least, QuickTrip has a per-gallon price of $3.09 for regular fuel in Waco, TX. While it’s not the cheapest fuel in Waco, it’s top-ten pricing from QT. The lowest gas prices are from Circle K and Valero at $3.04 per gallon, followed by Murphy USA and HEB at $3.09 per gallon. For the whole state of Texas, QuickTrip didn’t make it into the top ten, where the lowest price is from Exxon at $2.92 per gallon.

Overall, many of QuickTrip gas stations offer great prices and can compete with the cheapest gasoline in several areas. This is even more impressive since QT is a Top Tier gasoline, which we’ll talk about more below.


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Is QuickTrip Gas Good Quality?

Some say that commercial fuel brands are essentially the same since they have to adhere to the standards set by the government. In reality, not all gasoline brands are created equal. In this case, Top Tier gasoline has been scientifically proven to provide benefits you won’t find in non-certified brands.

With that said, QuickTrip or QT is a Top Tier brand, meaning its fuel products are treated with an approved Detergent Gasoline additive at the right concentration. As a Top Tier brand, QuickTrip’s fuel will less likely help develop deposits in your engine’s fuel injectors and intake valves. The deposit buildup can affect your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. According to research conducted by AAA, fueling with Top Tier gas will keep your engine 19x cleaner than standard fuel.

Many Top Tier brands are prominent companies like Chevron, Texaco, and Shell. However, QuickTrip manages to offer reasonable prices, despite being a Top Tier gas brand.


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How to Save on QuickTrip Gas Prices With Fuel Rewards Program?

With skyrocketing gas prices, you need all the help you can get to save on gas. Like most prominent brand names, QT has a fuel rewards program that patrons can take advantage of to save on fuel. The primary way to save on QT gas is through one of its three types of reward cards:

  • QT Gift Cards: This works like a standard gift card that you may use for shopping from convenience stores and pumping fuel at QT’s gas stations. Gift cards are available and reloadable from any QT location and online.
  • QT Fleetmaster Cards: These cards work like your standard fuel cards, with extra perks like 5¢ or 3¢ savings per gallon at any QuickTrip locations. You may also avail of the Fleetmaster Plus card, which is accepted in 95% of fueling locations nationwide. However, you can only avail of up to 3¢ off per gallon.

There are several ways to register for the QuikTrip Fuel Rewards Program, and oddly enough, not one of them is to visit the store in person. Instead, you can sign up online/website, through the QuickTrip app, and by phone.

QuikTrip Gas Prices Update [7/28/2023]

AAA reports that the current national average for gas prices stands at $3.732 per gallon. Over the past few months, there have been fluctuations in gas prices, with a recent trend showing an upward trajectory in the last few weeks. According to CBS News, the current surge in gas prices can be attributed to the escalating prices in the global market.

When it comes to QuikTrip gas prices, the fuel chain remains one of the cheapest sellers of gas in many regions in the U.S. For instance, in Blue Springs, MO, QuikTrip offers a per-gallon price of $3.56 for regular and $4.06 for premium. However, QuikTrip prices are generally more expensive compared to chains like Costco, Circle K, and Fastrip.

With that said, experts believe that gas prices will continue to rise before they start to decrease, especially with the few more weeks of summer.

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QuikTrip Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know (2024)
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