TV Schedule for CBS (WJAX) Jacksonville, FL (2024)

Wednesday, June 12th TV listings for CBS (WJAX) Jacksonville, FL
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Action News Jax at 6:00am New Live

Morning news coverage.

CBS Mornings New

Actor Daniel Radcliffe; country music group Little Big Town; psychologist Lisa Damour.

The Drew Barrymore Show Drew's News With Gayle King, Tony Dokoupil, Nate Burleson and Vlad Duthiers; Danny Seo New

Gayle King, Tony Dokoupil, Nate Burleson and Vlad Duthiers ("CBS Mornings"); Danny Seo makes blistered corn, wild rice and pumpkin in a cast iron skillet and shares his recipe for a DIY rice toner and scrub.

The Drew Barrymore Show Drew's News New

Drew and Ross Mathews hit the headlines; a young girl makes a difference in her community in a Drew-gooder segment.

Let's Make a Deal

A graduate tries to unlock a $10,000 win; an Egyptian princess hopes the lotto will bring her luck and a new car; the spirit of Jonathan gives some Good News/Bad News; Wayne Brady hosts.

The Price Is Right New

Contestants bid for prizes then compete for fabulous showcases.

Action News Jax at Noon New Live

Midday news update.

The Young and the Restless New

Victor and Nikki share a difference of opinion about her connection with Jack; Claire lets her guard down with Kyle; Nick questions Victoria about her future plans.

The Bold and the Beautiful New

Hope drops a bombshell confession on Brooke.

The Talk New

Actress Nina Dobrev.

Tamron Hall Hot Summer Headlines

How Beyoncé's "Renaissance" tour and album have changed her life; Taylor Swift fans take an entrepreneur's small business to the next level; the "Barbie" movie craze; reality star Emily Simpson; a wife who went viral on TikTok; an inspiring teen.

Family Feud

Teams compete to match answers of nationwide surveys.

Family Feud

Teams compete to match answers of nationwide surveys.

Action News Jax at 5:00pm New Live

Action News Jax at 5:30pm New Live

Evening news coverage.

Action News Jax at 6:00pm New Live

Evening news coverage.

CBS Evening News With Norah O'Donnell New

A weeknight survey of major news stories, human-interest segments and interviews with newsmakers, anchored by Norah O'Donnell.

Family Feud

Teams compete to match answers of nationwide surveys.

Family Feud

Teams compete to match answers of nationwide surveys.

The Price Is Right at Night Jackpot Special 2

Jackpot edition with higher stakes, bigger thrills and more dazzling prizes.

Let's Make a Deal Primetime It's a Bentley, Baby!

Audience members dress up in outlandish costumes to get host Wayne Brady's attention in an attempt to make deals for prizes or cash in a prime time edition of the long-running game show.

Tracker Chicago

Colter, Bobby and Reenie race against time to track down a talented MMA fighter who disappeared while trying to solve her family's trouble with their visas.

Action News Jax at 11:00pm New Live

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Seth Meyers; Omar Apollo New

TV host Seth Meyers; Omar Apollo performs.

After Midnight Kevin Nealon; Jessica Lowe; Dave Holmes New

Actor Kevin Nealon; actress Jessica Lowe; actor Dave Holmes.

Modern Family Best Men

Mitch and Cam's friend Sal announces she's getting married the next day and they are in the wedding; Gloria doesn't trust her new nanny; Claire bonds with Haley; Phil helps Luke with a girl.

The King of Queens Soft Touch

Doug (Kevin James) is duped by Tim (Bryan Cranston) into participating in a pyramid scheme that requires him to sell water filters.

CBS News Roundup New

The headlines one needs to know overnight... plus, a roundup of MoneyWatch, health, consumer and up-to-the-minute technology news, the latest weather, and inspiring stories of kindness and hope.

CBS News Mornings New

CBS News Mornings broadcasts on weekdays and offers viewers up-to-date news, comprehensive weather forecasts, and highlights from the world of sports.

Action News Jax at 5:00am New Live

Morning news coverage.

Action News Jax at 5:30am New Live

Morning news from Jacksonville.

TV Schedule for CBS (WJAX) Jacksonville, FL (2024)
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